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About the Artist


Why art?   I devoted most of my life to practicing law and raising two sons, and never thought much about art.  My career started in public interest law which provided an opportunity to argue a case before the Supreme Court of the United States. Later I brought high profile enforcement actions and held various leadership roles in a federal  agency.  When  I was advised to develop new interests for retirement, I enrolled in a beginning drawing class with my friend Rita.  As we took more classes, I  discovered a deep and abiding passion for art. 


Learning to express my views visually through art felt exciting. I loved slowing down, quietly observing  and truly seeing­­­­ the world around me.   Although challenging at times, creating artwork has enriched my life and made each day feel more special. 

I started painting portraits since people and faces always fascinated me.  Later, I painted still life showing the beauty of flowers and objects from everyday life, looking for ways light influences our reactions to objects and time.  When I developed a sensitivity to oil paint solvents, I started painting outside.  I loved being in the great outdoors in beautiful places looking for what was noteworthy and conveying my reactions to the location. 

While living in England, I joined the Oxford and Abingdon sketchers and discovered the joy of making quick sketches to preserve a visual memory of the feel and rhythms of special locations.  Later I learned to use the iPad to create art and test ideas for paintings.  Most recently, I have experimented with abstract art to explore the bare essentials needed to communicate thoughts, perspectives and emotions.  On this artistic journey, I have explored many different media and styles to find my voice and hope to continue on this path for years to come. 

I feel fortunate to have created artwork with meaning for others.  My paintings and drawings are in private collections across the United States and around the world.  My artwork has been accepted into juried shows at the Yellow Barn and Clarendon Art Gallery, and displayed in the member show at the Falls Church Art Gallery.  

I am indebted to the many talented artists who taught me to see, experiment and grow, including Lisa Semerad, Rob Liberace, Dan Thompson, Walt Bartman, Patti Mollica, Mark Daniel Nelson, Marsha Staiger, and Colley Whisson. Many thanks also to my husband and sons, my sister Dorothy and my dear artist friends for all their encouragement and support along the way.


With my sons

With my husband

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